Data Engineering

We specialize in the development and deployment of AI models and ML platforms across diverse applications, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and open-source resources. As pioneers in the realm of distributed computing, we excel in multi-cloud computational processing like no other. Advanced AI research and development demand correspondingly advanced data engineering skills, and LIGHTYEARZ stands out as one of the rare groups capable of delivering both simultaneously.

BASE System

Our expertise lies in the design and construction of BASE systems, encompassing everything from tensor calculation chips to high-level software APIs that govern their operations. We thrive on tackling formidable challenges through the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, ensuring ultra-efficient processing. Our dedication extends to the creation of processing workflows and scalable measurement control software. We continuously push the boundaries of imagination in all facets of system design, harnessing our mechanical, thermal, and electrical engineering capabilities to pave the way for the next generation of machine learning compute solutions tailored for data centers. We are committed to deploying training workloads utilizing our vast dataset resources and developing APIs and other tools to make BASE accessible to the masses.

Code Foundations

Accuracy, Efficiency, and Simplicity. We uphold three core principles which serve as the fundamental criteria for code optimization. We construct the software infrastructure for autonomous AI starting from the very foundation and seamlessly integrate it with our robust cloud infrastructure. Our approach involves implementing ultra-reliable workflows to facilitate updates and customizing the Linux kernel. We pride ourselves on crafting fast, memory-efficient, low-level code organized into highly readable modules. This code efficiently retrieves high-frequency, high-volume data from streaming inputs and seamlessly shares it among multiple processes. Additionally, we continuously refine and streamline calculations across diverse hardware processing units distributed across multiple systems.

Evaluation Infrastructure

Build virtual data loops/real data loops, as well as software-only loops/hardware device loop evaluation tools, within our extensive infrastructure. Our aim is to accelerate the pace of innovation, monitor performance enhancements, and safeguard against AI degradation. We harness our anonymized repository of training data and seamlessly incorporate it into a comprehensive set of test cases. We specialize in developing code that simulates real-world environments, generating highly realistic XR and other sensor data. This data is vital for feeding into the software development process, enabling live debugging and automated testing for our autonomous AI solutions.


Our mission is to develop a versatile autonomous AI system capable of tackling unsafe, repetitive, and mundane tasks. To realize this ambitious objective, we are focused on building a comprehensive VR software stack that empowers our system with capabilities such as balance, navigation, perception, and physical world interaction. We are actively seeking individuals with expertise in deep learning, computer vision, motion planning, controls, mechanical engineering, and general software development to join our team and collaborate on solving our most intricate engineering challenges.

Build the Future of Artificial Intelligence

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