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Neural Networks

Join our global team of visionary neural network researchers, AI engineers, and machine learning experts as we forge ahead in creating cutting-edge AI models. Our journey is fueled by a wealth of groundbreaking technologies.

Code Foundations

Accuracy, efficiency, and simplicity are the primary benchmarks when creating the code. Our approach starts with the fundamentals of machine learning and is intricately integrated into the cloud infrastructure.

ML Ops

Vertically integrated SaaS team handles the challenges of next-generation AI training and AI inference, constructing a flexible ML platform. We meticulously streamline processing workflows to elevate the quality of our services.


No matter your background, educational history, or industry, if you’ve demonstrated exceptional skills and accomplishments, we invite you to join us in reshaping the future of a sustainable society and AI.

Student Opportunities

LIGHTYEARZ interns tackle hands-on projects and design challenges, consistently challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of innovation. Additionally, students can apply for our exclusive summer term program—a 12-week immersive capstone experience designed to help undergraduates develop technical expertise and prepare for careers within our company or beyond.

Our Community

Promoting open communication fosters cooperative relationships and work environments. These are the basic stances of our community. Our commitment to an innovative, inclusive culture means that everyone with the talent, energy, and determination to tackle tough problems is not only welcome, but highly valued. We are waiting for those who agree with us to join us.


Benefits and More

We provide a comprehensive benefits package to support our employees and their families. This package encompasses medical insurance, a contributory pension plan, and paid time off that starts accruing from day one. Additionally, we offer a diverse array of benefits to all team members, such as flexible scheduling and access to training resources. Our top priority is investing in our team and empowering them to excel in their roles.